Welcome Note

Salah Uddin is from one of the most heavenliest beautiful part in the world, Bangladesh (click here to view Bangladesh). He has been grown up on the earth of her capital city Dhaka. By profession he is a Transportation Engineer. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in Transportation Engineering at the University of Central Florida.

After graduation in Civil Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, he worked in different organizations in the same city as a structural designer. Meanwhile he gathered real life experience in structural design and implementation of different types of R.C.C. and steel structures used for different types of occupancies. Beside structural engineering works, he was involved in different types of Transportation Engineering projects, that was in the center of his academic and research interest. This interest made him to take transportation engineering as his major in undergraduate studies.

After about 5 years of professional service, Salah Uddin started his graduate studies in the University of South Alabama. During this period he researched on traffic safety due to drowsy driving. Upon completion of masters degree, he started his PhD at the University of Central Florida. Currently Salah Uddin is working at Dr. Eluru's research team where Salah Uddin is researching on advance econometric modelling of traffic behaviors.


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