Research Interest

  • Advance Econometric Modeling

    Various advance econometric modelling on transportation planning, safety aspect. Especially, interested application of econometric models on Freight Transportation, Airline Demand, and Crash analysis.

  • Human Factor

    Drivers behaviour, Driving, simulation, Drowsy Driving.

  • Data Fusion Technique and Algorithm

    Big Data.

Current Research Team

Transportation Econometric Modelling Group (TEMG)

Transportation Econometric Modelling Group (TEMG) at the University of Central Florida is a research group lead by Dr. Naveen Eluru. The group is specialized on advance econometric modeling of various aspect of transportation planning, Traffic Safety, etc. Salah Uddin is involved in several researches dealing with advance econometric models, data fusion technique, on transportation planning, and traffic safety issues. Salah Uddin is doing his PhD research as a part of the group.
For more information, visit website of the group.

Previous Research Team

Transportation Safety, Simulation, and Optimization (TSSO) Lab

TSSO Lab at the university of South Alabama is a specialize research group on transporation safety and optimization. The group is lead by Dr. Min-Wook Kang, P.E. The group has a state-of-art driving simulator which is used for various traffic safety researches. Salah Uddin worked with the group during his master degree. He involed in Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) sponsored project on Drowsy Driving as a part of the reaserch group. He was the lead student researcher of the project.
For more information, visit TSSOLwebsite .

Research Collaborations

Salah Uddin enjoys working on various collaboration research group for various research on mutual research interest. The following list of groups, and persons showing the collaboration groups: